Winter on Edenbrook Pond, Fleet

If you are a first-time visitor to our site please stay and click here to go to our Welcome page so we can introduce ourselves properly and explain what our u3a offers you.

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Although Government advice currently requires our face-to-face meetings to be suspended, the majority of our interest groups have managed to keep in touch and found ways to continue their activities on-line.


To see what they are doing now and what vacancies there may be, please go to the "Our Virtual u3a" page of the "Coronavirus Times" menu section. 

Watch the Third Aid Trust's film "u3a Life in Lockdown" in the Coronavirus Times menu section.  In the pages of that section you will also find ofiicial announcements, information on how other u3a groups are coping, suggestions of things to do, advice on how to avoid scams, and some exercise videos.  New items are being added all the time.


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