A New Year message from our Committee Chair, Paddy


What a strange holiday season that was! I do hope you managed to have a reasonable celebration despite all the last minute changes. We were fortunate in that our family joined us via Zoom for most of Christmas Day, at times just burbling in their own spaces much like a normal family day! 


We have to hope that 2021 will be an improvement on last year. Although it may feel quite frightening at the moment, with the number of infections rising, our age-group can look forward to early appointments for the vaccine. However, I understand that there are currently several nasty scams concerning vaccinations. Please remember that the NHS will never ask for money or your bank details. 


Your committee met on January 6th and is working hard to keep on top of the ever-changing circumstances now we are in Lockdown3. Venues remain our most pressing concern. One at least has said it is on the lookout for new customers and will give us 48 hours notice to pay upfront if we want to protect our bookings. The committee agreed that as five groups use this venue we would agree to their terms. Venue owners must be desperate for income after being closed for so long. We are expecting other venues to follow suit in the near future. 


Another focus for us is to increase our membership especially among younger 'oldies' who may have retired earlier than usual due to Covid-19. We all know the benefits to our well-being of U3A involvement so please spread the word to your neighbours and friends and send us any ideas you may have for further recruitment.


As far as our general work is concerned we have decided to continue as we have before so please expect the usual requests for help; the next one being to ask Group Leaders to send in their plans for 2021/2022.  GLs, expect an email from Andy Kirk soon.


We remain very appreciative of your continued loyalty and efforts to keep in touch with each other. Please do let me know if you hear of anyone who is struggling with any aspect of life under lockdown and I will do my best to help or find someone who can. 


We look forward to seeing you as soon as we are able and we wish you all a happy, healthy and successful New Year,



Webmaster's note - for more information on how to spot the vaccination scam and other criminal attempts to grab your money, see the Coronavirus Times menu pages.

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Although Government advice currently requires our face-to-face meetings to be suspended, the majority of our interest groups have managed to keep in touch and found ways to continue their activities on-line.


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