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Lockdown Update - Some restrictions continue, but the end may be in sight.

Today, April 12, marks Step Two on the 'Road Map' and some of the rules are easing as below:

  • non-essential retail will can reopen

  • personal care premises such as hairdressers and nail salons can reopen

  • public buildings such as libraries and community centres can reopen

  • outdoor hospitality venues can reopen, with table service only

  • most outdoor attractions including zoos, theme parks, and drive-in performances (such as cinemas and concerts) can reopen

  • some smaller outdoor events such as fetes, literary fairs, and fairgrounds will be able to take place

  • indoor leisure and sports facilities can reopen for individual exercise, or for exercise with your household or support bubble

  • all childcare and supervised activities will be allowed indoors (as well as outdoors) for all children. Parent and child groups can take place indoors (as well as outdoors) for up to 15 people (children under 5 will not be counted in this number)

  • weddings, civil partnership ceremonies, wakes and other commemorative events will be able to take place for up to 15 people (anyone working is not included in this limit), including in indoor venues that are permitted to open or where an exemption applies. Wedding receptions can also take place for up to 15 people, but must take place outdoors, not including private gardens

  • self-contained accommodation can open for overnight stays in England with your household or support bubble

  • continue to minimise the amount that you travel

  • care home residents will be able to nominate two named individuals for regular indoor visits, subject to the designated visitors  completing a negative lateral flow test, wearing PPE and keeping social contact to a minimum during the visit.


For further details see the Government's official guidance here.

Rules remaining from Step 1:


6 People or  2 households permitted to meet outdoors, including in private gardens,

but you must not mix indoors.

Organised outdoor sport restarted.

Outdoor sport and leisure facilities, including open air swimming pools and golf courses reopened.



Covid is still with us and is still spreading overseas. At home, the majority of infections are now among the under 50s, who have not yet been vaccinated and among some vaccine hesitant groups. 

Vaccination does not give 100% immunity, and those who have been vaccinated could still be carriers and spread infection to others, so do take great care when mixing anywhere.


To stay safe, continue to follow the rules, maintain social distancing, wear your mask.

Do not meet indoors.  Minimise travel and stay local where possible.


No further significant changes are due until Step Three that is scheduled for no earlier than 17th May if all goes well, when there will be further more extensived easing of restrictions.

The Road Map'


Charts summarising the Government's 4  steps in the 'Road Map' to freedom follow below, but the future dates are all subject to what is happening with the virus, and that in turn depends on everyone continuing to follow the rules and on continuation of the vaccination effort.  A reminder of the required Safe Behaviours follows the charts below.

Everyone needs to accept the jab unless prevented for medical reasons.   If you have a friend or family member who is reluctant, perhaps because they have read something false on the internet, please persuade them that all the tests have been done and there is nothing to fear - currently over 40 million of us have had at least one dose of the vaccine while over 4 million have had their second dose.  Some very rare cases of serious side effects have been reported but is has yet to be established that they are caused by the vaccine. 


No-one will be safe until all who can have been vaccinated.

For more detailed guidance please see this document from the Government website.