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Road Map Update - Some restrictions continue, but the end may be in sight.  Full details of today's changes are available on the official website.

17 May was Step 3 of the Road Map and the rules in England were eased as follows.  Different restrictions apply in the other nations of the UK.

  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 30 people can take place.

  • The Rule of Six or 2 households applies to indoors gatherings.

  • New guidance on meeting friends and family will emphasise personal responsibility rather than government rules. Instead of instructing you to stay 2m apart from anyone you don’t live with, you will be encouraged to exercise caution and consider the guidance on risks associated with Covid and actions you can take to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Remember that the risks of close contact may be greater for some people than others and in some settings and circumstances, there will be specific guidance that you will need to follow even when you are with friends and family.

  • Indoor entertainment and attractions such as cinemas, theatres, concert halls, bowling alleys, casinos, amusement arcades, museums and children’s indoor play areas will be permitted to open with Covid-secure measures in place.

  • You will be able to attend indoor and outdoor events, including live performances, sporting events and business events. Attendance will be capped according to venue type, and Covid-secure measures apply.

  • Indoor hospitality venues such as restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes can reopen.

  • Organised indoor sport is able to take place for all (this includes gym classes). This must be organised by a business, charity or public body and the organiser must take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of transmission.

  • All holiday accommodation will be open (including hotels and B&Bs) and can be used by groups of up to 6, or 2 households (each household can include a support bubble, if eligible).

  • Funeral attendance will no longer be limited to 30 people, but to how many the Covid-secure venue can safely accommodate.  Limits at weddings, wakes and other significant events will be increased to 30 people.

  • Care home residents will be allowed up to five named visitors (two at any one time) who have tested negative for Covid.

  • Support groups and parent and child group gathering limits will increase to 30 people (not including under 5s)

  • You will no longer require a permitted reason to travel internationally, but restriction on international travel remain.

New guidance on meeting friends and family emphasises personal responsibility rather than government rules.


Instead of instructing you to stay 2m apart from anyone you don’t live with, you are encouraged to exercise caution and consider the actions you need to take to help keep yourself and others safe.


Covid is still with us.  The vaccine does not provide 100% protection from infection and may not prevent spreading of the virus.  Time spent socialising indoors should be limited as far as possible.  Meeting areas should be well ventilated.  Wear your mask where appropriate.  Be careful of those who have not been vaccinated for whatever reason.


Special restrictions may be applied in several areas of England where the Covid variant is spreading, and it will be safer to avoid travelling to, or meeting people from, those areas


The end was in sight, but we still need to take care, follow the rules and, most importantly, to accept the vaccine, in the hope that all remaining restrictions will be lifted as now delayed until  21 July as Step 4 of the “Road Map” below.

The Road Map'


Charts summarising all 4  steps in the Government's 'Road Map' to freedom follow below.  Implementation of Step 4, the lifting of all remaining restrictions, on 21 June (now unfortunately postponed for 4 weeks) is subject to what happens with the virus, and in turn on everyone continuing to follow the rules and on continuation of the vaccination effort.