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The End of the Road Map?


The long delayed implementation of Step 4 - the lifting of all remaining restrictions - is to come on 19th July.


But the Covid pandemic is still be with us, with the Gamma variant spreading, apparently out of control, throughout the country, so we will still need to continue to take care of ourselves and those around us by  following any remaining rules and guidanceand using our common sense.

So do be wary of crowded indoor spaces, where it would be wise to continue to wear your face mask and maintain somme distance from others.  Some public transport companies, shops and supermarkets will still insist on face masks, or will strongly encourage them.

Most u3a members are probably now fully vaccinated, but we are told that vaccines give rather less than 100% protection from infection, although they should prevent one becoming seriously ill or needing hospitalisation.


Also the extent to which vaccines may prevent spreading the virus to others seems not yet to be have been ascertained.

These Coronavirus Times pages will be deleted soon after the restrictions are lited.