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Lockdown Update - The severe restrictions continue, but it looks as though the end may be in sight.


Charts summarising the Government's 4  steps in the "Road Map" to freedom follow below, but note that the various dates are all subject to what is happening with the virus, and that in turn depends on everyone continuing to follow the rules and on continuation of the vaccination effort.  A reminder of the

required Safe Behaviours follows the charts below.

Everyone needs to accept the jab unless prevented for medical reasons.   If you have a friend or family member who is reluctant, perhaps because they have read something false on the internet, please persuade them that all the tests have been done and there is nothing to fear; no-one will be safe until all who can have been vaccinated.

For more detailed guidance please open this document from the Government website.

Meantime, many of our groups have returned to on-line meetings for the new term, and the "Our Virtual u3a" pages of this menu section are updated as and when we have news from the Group Leaders.  Planning for reopening face-to-face sessions will no doubt already have started. Watch these pages for news.


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