Events for 2021


All subject to any remaining Covid-19 restrictions


Please check Newsletters and Website for final details of all events


Note: Events are open only to members unless stated otherwise.


GROUP ENROLMENT for 2021 - 2022

This year, Enrolment will not take place face-to-face or on a specific day, but by email and telephone.  

For the new programme and details of all interest groups refer to the Programme & Groups section in the page menu above.  If you wish to join or inquire about a group, you can contact the Group Leader using the details in your programme booklet.  Alternatively, or if you are not yet a members, you can send you request via Contact Us and our Enquiries Secretary will reply or forward your details to the Group Leader, who will respond. 


Prospective new members are welcome to enquire about activities in which they may be interested.