Click here to see the hoped-for programme for 2020/21, but please note that everything is subject to the Covid-19 regulations allowing meetings and events to take place.

For data protection and privacy reasons, the online version of the programme does not have group leaders' names, phone numbers or email addresses.  These details are provided to members in the printed Programme.

There are 2 changes to the Group Leader information in the printed Programme issued to members:


Health & Wellbeing - the Group Leader's email address has changed. See Programme for GL's name.  Address is now GL's first name.last

Scrabble - the Group Leader has changed, so members should please contact us as below for the correct details.

For further details about the above changes or if you have questions about any group(s) please use the Contact Us form or call our 0845 872 3623 enquiries phone line with your questions about the group(s) in which you are interested.  If you are not a member, data protection prevents us from giving you contact details of the group leader, but we will endeavour to provide the information you need or to ask the group leader to contact you.

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