Click here to see the full Programme  for 2021/22 (apologies for the poor rendition, which is the result of the need to change format from Word to PDF for uploading to the website). 


The Programme contains full details of all our interest groups and much other information for members, such as dates of meetings, events and visits.

Please note that this on-line version of the programme differs from the printed version due to changes to the meeting times and/or venues of some groups and the addition of at least one new group (Cribbage).

Also, for data protection and privacy reasons, group leaders' names, phone numbers and/or email addresses are not shown. These details are provided for members in the printed Programme.

If you are not a member and have questions about any group(s) please use the Contact Us form or call our 0845 872 3623 enquiries phone line (weekdays, between 9am and 6pm please) and we will endeavour to provide the information you need or to ask the group leader to contact you.

Full details of all interest groups are shown on the following pages of this menu section.

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