Renew Your membership using Beacon


Using Beacon you can renew your membership online and pay the current membership fee with a simple and quick transaction using a credit card, debit card or PayPal account. You will not need to complete and return a paper membership form. You do NOT need to have or register a PayPal account in order to pay by debit or credit card using the ‘guest’ facility.


To access Beacon, please click here or use the link in your web browser. 


If you experience any difficulty, please refer to the Guidance Notes below, but if you have any further problems there is a very detailed step-by step guide here or on the following page.


To log into your personal account you will need to provide the following information to identify yourself: membership number, forename, surname, postcode and email address. If any of these does not conform exactly to the data held in our database you will not be able to log on. For security reasons you will not be notified which field is incorrect.


If you haven’t registered your email address with Fleet U3A or have changed your registered email address then please contact the Membership Secretary, via email at to update your record.

You will need your registered email address to access Beacon, and to receive our monthly Newsletter that is sent directly to all members.

Note that when you renew on-line, you will receive an electronic copy of your membership card at the same time as your receipt.  A printed membership card will be sent to you at a later date together with your programme booklet.

Guidance Notes for Beacon Login

Please note you should use a leading capital for your Forename and Surname (and the rest of the names lower case) when logging into Beacon. The postcode should be in capitals, with only one space between the two halves of the postcode. Your email address should normally be all lower case.

If you have a problem logging into Beacon, it is likely that something you are entering does not correspond exactly with the data that was originally transcribed into the database from your paper membership form by our volunteers. For security reasons the system does not tell you which field does not agree, but blanks all the fields for you to try again.


We have had instances where, for example, one postcode character was incorrect or the email address was slightly wrong in our membership database. Or you may have changed your email address since you joined the u3a. 


In any of these circumstances then what you are entering will not correspond with the data we hold, so the system will not let you in for obvious reasons. After three attempts at entering your data and the Beacon system still not letting you in, it is very likely there is some mismatch in data. In this case you should send an email to with your name and membership number so we can investigate and respond to you by email.

By using the online renewal in Beacon you will be linked to our payment platform PayPal, where you can ppay by debit card, credit card or you PayPal account if you have one.   You do NOT need to sign up for PayPal if you do not already have an account - you can pay by debit or credit card using the 'guest' facility. 

If you wish to pay by bank transfer or cheque you will not be able to renew via Beacon but will need to complete and post back a membership renewal form with your payment, at the same time updating your contact details as necessary. Similarly, if for some reason you are unable to log on to Beacon, you will also need to return a membership renewal form.