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13 June 2023

‘Beverley Carpenter has decided to stand down from the Group Leaders Liaison role. We thank her for her hard work, not least in taking on the long overdue task of revising the Group Leadership Handbook. We are grateful to former committee member Mike Brown (formerly Events Secretary) who has agreed to step into the GLL role.’

16 March 2023

Following March's monthly talk on GF and Mary Watts and their artistic lives at Compton near Guildford we are arranging a trip on 4 July. Please click here for more information.

15 February 2023

The "Rollers" group is organising a trip to Salisbury on 13 June. Please click here for more information.

7 December 2022

At December's committee meeting the trustees unanimously approved a proposal to make Jean Carr a life member of Fleet u3a. As well as being a member of Fleet U3A since the beginning, Jean has been the inspiration behind our Tai Chi groups.  She ran the class for many years, even starting up new groups as they gained in popularity.  She has also been of great help and support to the current group leader.

Combining that with her expertise and advice with the Financial Affairs Group, the Committee has agreed that Life Membership be awarded to Jean with our grateful thanks for her dedication.

2 December 2022

Members who attended this year's Christmas dinner were entertained by members of the ukulele groups.

16 November 2022

220 Fleet u3a members attended the AGM held at the Harlington Centre on 16 November. The Chair's report can be read here.

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